ADHAAR Verification of Social Profiles

Well today 50% of our day goes into doing all stuff which is connected to the social network’s or anything which has something or the other to do with giving our personal data in order to sign up or use their services.

How many times in our life since the time we all would have started using Internet we receive emails, friend request’s, we see our friend’s profile and then suddenly we come to know that email doesn’t belong to that person, social account which we accepted the request is fake or spam. Sometime or majority of time we lose sensitive data or get into trap.

We can’t help it. We are helpless. There is no way we can find out the authenticity or genuineness. To solve all this online scam’s, hiding of real identities, and misusing the digital infrastructure which has a much larger social relevance we can adopt or enable a technology which will allow  or make it mandatory for ADHAAR verification of online sign up’s.  – ADHAAR VERIFIED SIGN UP’S ( A.V.S.U )

Doing or implementing the same will have multiple benefit’s –

  1. No hiding of real identities on the Internet. Therefore no cheating , scam, or attempt to do anything which is illegal.
  2. E-commerce firms make huge loses due to duplicate order’s placed which have fake login credential’s used. If A.V.S.U is there, they can go ahead and make it mandatory for all C.O.D orders. Otherwise C.O.D will not be available.
  3. No collection of data. There can be way where in Adhaar number acts as a email. If implemented and structured in a effective way, it can solve big problem of privacy, data theft or unnecessary misuse of data.

Why I am stressing on this is that by the India will alone have 283 million social network users by 2018. Number is big. Can benefit masses and the end confidence of being online, confidence of being on a or using any digital infrastructure will be lifted to a great extent.

Go digital but be Safe digital

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