Kalam Indentification Management Authority of India ( K.I.M.I.A )

Self Adhaar Portal will come under Kalam Indentification Management Authority of India [ K.I.M.A.I ] .

K.I.M.A.I.- It will be formed and will have only one objective of providing Digital Infrastructure to various Central and State Departments and perhaps at the Grass Root Level. For Example K.I.M.A.I will provide Digital Infrastructure for every identification person has. Taking from Driving Licence, Passport, Pan Card, Adhaar Card, Nationality Certificate, Election Card, Birth Certificate*. Objective is not to take the Authority but to provide Guidelines, as all this Indentifications will be connected to Adhaar No. In simple words all be interconnected whether pan card, passport etc. Once they are connected, they will be fetched on Self Adhaar Portal ( S.A.P – Explained Below ). So this will be brief work of K.I.M.A.I

Self Adhaar Portal – S.A.P – Every citizen will have one self portal managed by K.I.M.A.I.

Adhaar No. to be issued at the time of Birth – It will be mandatory for every Hospital, Nursing Home to have Adhaar Enrollment Executive – A.E.E. He will complete the Adhaar Enrollment Process, as per S.O.P’s by taking all the necesary steps. Can finger prints be taken of new born ? If yes take it or otherwise later on.  As soon as , It is done Adhaar Number will come on Birth Certificate. As it will be a Minor Adhaar, so we can go ahead and connect one Parent Adhaar to it, till the age of 18. Adhaar Number will be your Birth Certificate Number. If Adhaar number is issued at birth, the problem of illegal immigrant’s coming the future can be solved.

In S.A.P, As soon as you login you will fill your Name, D.O.B, Permanent Address and Present Address. D.O.B will be verified by the Birth Certificate. Which is also auto fetched as Birth Certificate and Adhaar Number will be same. Then there will option to Enter Adhaar No ( for previously issued ) & Adhaar Card will be fetched. Same way for Pan Card, Driving License, and others……….

S.A.P will be open to register for all who have enrolled for Adhaar No. There will be option to change Address, Mobile no. Once Click on Change you can fill the updated details, upload relevant documents. Once this is done, you will able to generate Change Requisition Form [ C.R.F ] and there will be option to select slot to go to the Nearest Tasked Police Station [N.T.P.S]. Go to a N.T.P.S with C.R.F. The COP responsible for it will scrutunize and will take a thumb in order to finally approve the change. Making it mandatory for attaching Pan Card, Election Card, Passport, Driving License, to S.A.F . Objective that all identification of the person are interlinked.

Education Documents – All important Educational Documents will have Adhaar No on them. Those will be 10th , 12th , Graduation as well as PG etc Certificates. It will be mandatory to have ADHAAR no. on every educational document a person has. It will one stop verification, as all educational document’s will be already in the Adhaar Self Portal and there can be a E- Government agency who can verify those credential’s on behalf of the government whether to corporate’s, universities etc for a Rs XXX fees.

End objective of this is to have robust inter-connection between all the documents. ( Will add in future )


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