Corruption Cancer In The Indian Army

Indian Armed Forces have gone through various rough patches, loosing more then expected soldier’s to unexpected terror strikes whether directly on our soldier’s or through an cowardly act on citizen’s. We have seen this and our forces have seen this since long time. Nothing changed, every day a martyr, reason lack of resources, lack of planning and lack of responsibility at the top ladder of our security institution’s.

Over the year’s corruption in the armed forces have risen but if we go ahead and analyse the data, the corruption or the quantum of the corruption is big, Only big well educated and well sophisticated dogs are behind it. Whether it was land scam during the tenure of then Defence Minister A.K. Antony where three Lt. Generals of the Indian Army were court martialed and land transfer power was taken from Army by the Ministry of Defence OR Gen. V.K. Singh former army chief exposing former DG of Defence Intelligence Agency ( D.I.A ) in the corruption scandal.

It is a general rule that whoever has spoken, one in the army has to face his own people whether at the political level or military level and other in the white dress resigned as the opportunity came. No other option. It hurt’s you join the forces to serve the nation and there you see own people making big on soldier’s name. It is not new now that whoever speaks against corruption soon becomes the disliked boy of our self styled tricolor friend’s.

Being very harsh here we all need to understand that any security insitution we should not believe in carrying forward our #Mother’sLegacy but only one legacy that is of #Martyr’sLegacy . Corrupted dog’s definitely have multiple injection’s infused before they are born unlike martyr’s which i don’t want to justify and no one can.

What to do, set up an committee at the military level or high level political committee. But believe me results tend to be same. Every Court of Inquiry ( C.O.I ) against corruption say’s the same thing. It has become useless to order an C.O.I and more a time consuming process, nothing more. We should learn one things that Defence remains the backbone of our nation directly or indirectly. Everything is interlinked. Can we go ahead sort this mess out. Are we ready to take any measures where majority will always be ready to implement them. Now those days are gone where majority meant majority in the army. Now what elsewhere the meaning is, it means the same thing here also.

Corps of Military Police ( CMP ) is it a solution. It can be but again there are administrative barriers, human resource shortage which is stated whether really or not or deliberately it is not done. There can be multiple options to deal with CMP and enforce it in a much more effective way –

1. Getting Inter-Service’s officer’s deputation in CMP.
2. Getting CMP under a Armed Forces Tribunal board which is not in the chain of command. There can be studies in it how to have multi-pollar command.
3. Giving permanent deputation to the officer’s in the CMP.
4. There can be more. In the above said points I know there will operational conflicts, there will be opposition even from people in uniform. At the end no one likes to be accountable, which is opposite from the perception.

Corruption in Indian Army

Indian Army

Controller General of Defence Accounts (CGDA) – It is one of the oldest institution of Government of India being nearly for 2.5 centuries. They audit each and every wing of the Indian Defence Services. Any financial irregularities are audited & investigated by them. The auditor’s which come and audit they only give the situation sell this and that will get tally. That’s the way thing’s work. It is not completely there mistake also. For example if a unit has received a grant of Rs 1.5 crore for a year then minimum x% is paid to the colonel of the unit. This payment or grant goes directly to the contractor who the work is assigned and paid by the Ministry of Defence. Then this contractor will pay the concerned person on cash basis. He will do that at every level whether Colonel, and other senior ranks. At an average 2.5% – 3% in the grant paid is reserved to be paid for only men and officer’s in Uniform.

Is it a difficult task to get this dogs out from the Army. Not at all. The contractor doesn’t come’s and pay’s the money. It is only someone from the Army whether any subordinate goes and collects the cash. Why i am saying this is that it is not a big task for the Military Intelligence to get them or catch them but who will do it. D.I.A chief is busy faciliating big procurment tender’s and so on. At one side you have soldier’s giving their life and on the other side you see corrupted dogs at every level taking from Havaldar or JCO who is on a duty to a Colonel to the top ladder of Indian Army.

UN Posting’s many soldier’s pay Rs 100,000 in four installments before they are given UN Posting’s. A/C number’s are generally from Punjab or Haryana.

Permanent Retired Civil Judges. – No. can vary under the Defence Minister who report’s directly to him and defence secretary has no role to play in it. There can be additional parallel post created equivalent to defence secretary for corruption. The above said people will only deal with the cases in relation to senior officer’s i.e. Major General and above. They will have executive powers and so on. To be on a last part of my article, what i will go ahead and suggest that we also require an defence minister who will make sure that Armed Forced Tribunal don’t serves as an personal service branch of the Ministry of Defence.

Corruption is a serious mess and when we have a defence minister who is as clean as water at the end he comes from Goa. Hope he will make sure that our three services our surrounded by honest, non – corrupted people. Writing this doesn’t means or makes me against anyone but corruption has to be looked up in much serious way. Few simple steps such as

1.Modification of CMP, CGDA ,
2.Active Military Intelligence and
3.Creating a additional rank equivalent to Defence Secretary for Corruption headed by an honest Indian Administrative Officer ( I.A.S ).

Nothing is above soldier’s at the end. But there is no barrier or no rule to kill sleeper dog’s hiding behind them. 4th gender.

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