Counter Terrorism Paramilitary Force

Single Counter Terrorism Paramilitary Force in India

India’s internal security grid needs to be restructured in a effective way. In India we have a very defined security structure. Every wing of the Indian Armed Forces has been assigned it’s task or has a role to play in it. Three defence services i.e. Indian Army, Indian Airforce and Indian Navy are meant to protect the nation from any external threat and aggression. Then we have Central Armed Police Force’s ( CAPF’s ) who are meant to play their role at the border’s and their main work is to guard the border of our nation and at the end we have state police force in each state to look after the law and order and maintain it.

Role of defence services is very clear. Only to be used in war time. Now Central Armed Police Forces ( C.A.P.F’s ) consist’s of Central Reserve Police Force (C.R.P.F), Border Security Force (B.S.F), Indo Tibetan Border Police (I.T.B.P), Seema Suraksha Bal (S.S.B), Assam Rifles and National Security Guards (N.S.G). Leaving C.R.P.F and N.S.G all three are have primary purpose of guarding the border. B.S.F serves as a first line of defence and is tasked to protect our land border’s with Bangladesh and Pakistan. S.S.B protects our land border with Nepal. I.T.B.P is deployed along the Indo-China border. Assam Rifle is tasked with Counter Terrorism operation in Assam. Now role of C.R.P.F is to assist state police forces and administration to maintain law & order. N.S.G is a specialized counter terrorism force to be used in case of any terrorist attack in the nation. In addition to it we have created National Rifles normally call Rashtriya Rifles (R.R) which fully consist of Indian Army soldier’s to carry out counter terrorism operation’s in J&K. This is the structure of security forces of India.

Now coming to tasks which they do. What problems exists in India. We have Maoist terrorism internally spread in many states. Cross – border terrorism by Pakistan in Jammu and Kashmir. And various other terror outfits spread across North East of India. Generally all these problems and terror threats are above the handling capacity of local police force’s. So to fight Maoist we deploy various paramilitary forces like B.S.F, C.R.P.F, S.S.B and so on. Same thing we do in J&K where we are using all paramilitary forces in addition to National Rifles of the Indian Army. There is no issue but work of Indian Army is not to get into internal security domain. But they are made to fight internally.

Work of B.S.F, S.S.B, and I.T.B.P is only to guard and protect out border’s. Their primary task is make sure that no one enter’s India illegally and nothing crosses or in simple terms trafficking of anything doesn’t happens. In a nation like India, big Nation like India isn’t it is right to make sure that all are asset’s are used in a way they are defined.

What i wan’t to suggest is that why not go ahead and make budget provision’s to create an single counter terrorism paramilitary. Budget and money should’t be a problem. Why i am saying this is so that we can have a single command in the nation, a centralized structure under the Ministry of Home Affair’s (M.H.A) to carry out counter terrorism operation’s in J&K, North East and in Red Zone ( Moaist affected areas ). Men of this force can come from state police forces, paramilitary forces and so on. This will solve multiple problem’s.

In addition, soldier’s who will come from state police force’s and when they return to their state after serving in the counter terrorism paramilitary force, state’s police force’s will also have a highly skilled manpower. MHA can then consider whether to merge Assam Rifles with it or keep it permanently with the Indian Army . The long standing demand of the Indian Army.

We have to take a constructive future decision’s as far as security arena is considered. I think if the M.H.A and the Government of India put such a decision in practice, we can see a day when the Armed Force Special Power Act (A.F.S.P.A) which i personally consider a “Living the Legacy of Pre-Democratic India” can be revoked and we have only civilian and law & order agencies to deal with the internal problems. Time is already late, after 70 years of Independence we still require to use Army internally in the nation. If you just imagine what return’s are we paying to all those who fought for our democracy makes me feel sad.

Well i do understand’s the budget limitation and other constraints and so.. . But not today, at least tomorrow we need to set our house in order with the right resources being used at the right place. That will make lot of sense to say we are largest and perhaps robust democracy in the world. To conclude my tributes and salute to all the Martyr’s and their families for the sacrifices to keep us safe and protect our nation.


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