Pehla Bharat Portal – Robust transparent policy to Issue N.O.C for cutting trees

Well writing this I don’t dis-respect the Ministry responsible for the above permission and neither the person and members heading it and working or associated with it respectively. But it won’t be wrong to say that if you have to earn big then that has to be while giving permission for cutting trees. Land is a precious undefined metal which everyone understand’s but we and concerned people in authority overlook because money involved is more then sufficient for several generation’s to live. Whatever you wan’t milega, will get it. Just do our work. There is a need for transparent decision making with a aim to have sustainable growth. Creating a greener and pollution free India.For this i am suggesting to make the N.O.C process E-N.O.C process. Every department which has a authority to issue N.O.C for cutting trees, will be required or mandated to take the user ID of PEHLA Bharat Portal. Every project or land which has been issued N.O.C will be and should be posted on PEHLA Bharat Portal before 101 days when tree’s are allowed to cut or land is given permission used for commercial or other said purpose. Things which will bring transparency if implemented and shown in the above digital infrastructure of Ministry of Environment if created, are –

By Government & Respective Authority using PEHLA BHARAT PORTAL
Permission giving authority with complete officer details or multiple officer’s who are involved into decision making. This will have two way benefit. One that later no one can object to the decision making process and secondly people or nature friend’s will have enough time to get the facts in front of the public. Signing authority giving details about where Re-Plantation of trees will take place. Government can have a commercial agency or firm which will be tasked to look after the re-plantation work. All costs for Re-Plantation will be incurred by the person or entity taking land. Will be payable to that firm. This firm or agency can be under the government or external on a contract basis. Detail statement regarding rules followed, which act gives right to do so and anything which the public or reader’s find it useful.Creating a Anti-Nature act which will have harsher or enable harsher punishment to the person taking the land or the concerned officer’s giving the land by unwanted and illegal ways. There can be punishment of 5 – 10 years which can be prescribed.

General Public using PEHLA BHARAT PORTAL
Government will issue smart card and smart logins to nature friends in every district. Who can create a page attached to that decision and put forward their views and get the people agree or disagree with their decision views. People will be able to agree or disagree with the decision by using Adhaar No. Validation. Review petition to the signing authority – This will be done by the people agreeing for Review Petition which again will be validated by Adhaar. I think young generation should know the importance of Ministry of Environment which hardly comes into public domain and more or less work’s always in a under cover manner. And believe me this is not since a past or near past but since our independence. We got freedom but trees in India never got freedom. There is still a quiet movement which we as Indians has to make it a mass movement.If PEHLA BHARAT PORTAL becomes a reality, then the day is no longer when we see that Minsitry of Environment becomes corruption free and there is more responsibility, accountability among the officer’s involved in the decision making process.

Till now i have been speaking about corruption but we all have a major role in preserving our environment. Move towards more e-way which is less of paper. Giving my own example, i always used to make diaries even for small small things. I will write in my diary what i have to write in my blog, or somewhere else. I was addicted to it. But since 1 year i have started using or completely move towards notepad. Whenever i have something in mind i do open my notepad, write it and then save it to my Google Drive. This saves paper as well as headache of taking my notes with me. We all have to play our role in objectives and interests which have much larger global as well as future interest. There are many way’s by which we can save trees.

Let’s take a oath of cutting 1 tree and planting 3 trees before that tree is cut off.

General Statistics on Deforestation or Converting a land to Non – Forest Use – Every year we consume cumulative data of all nation – 300 million tons of paper each year. On average 80,000 to 1,60,000 trees are cut down worldwide with an average area of 60,000 square kilometers. This is as equal to whole area which is more or less equal to ” Ireland “. On an average 100 trees are chopped for 50,000 pages. Paper Industry remains at the end Water Intensive Industry and more or less nearly 3000 litres are used to produce single sheet of paper. To, make 500 sheets of paper, you use 6 % of a tree. To make one ton of 100 % Non – recycled newsprint, you use 12 trees. and 24 trees are needed to make one ton of UN-coated non – recycled printing and office paper. ( Source – )

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