In short dreamer trying to do multiple things. Aspiring finance professional, Good learner, Good analyser.

A common person with zeal to analyse things at a much faster pace, ability to get changes and perhaps an introvert with an amiable attitude. Indian and tricolor remains in heart. My motto in life “I am born naturally, will die naturally”. Your end result is just a reflection of your action’s. A adage I believe in  – “Don’t try to cross through the mountain, learn to tunnel through the mountain”. Work Hard and perhaps what you do has a much larger societal impact, then you are the winner.

Issues such as animal welfare, skill and educational development of rural youth remain close to my heart. Will be looking to find an opportunity and will go ahead work on them in the future. At present doing ACCA ( Association of Chartered Certified Accountants ), having an aim to complete it by 2017. In future will do C.F.A and will like to do M.B.A in I.B or Finance , will complete them by 2022.

A person whom I follow closely is Madiba ( Nelson Mandela ). The life lesson which can be inducted in our personal life’s are surplus. Habitual to read his Quote to start of my day and the same thing follow’s when I end my day. I guess what Nelson Mandela Foundation is doing is something needs to be applauded, great to see that tag of Living The Legacy has been carried forward and well executed. Difficult task.

But still I believe and firm believer that Self Inspiration last’s till end. When you say you get inspired by him, other way to say this is that you need someone to inspire you. You don’t have ability to make your own way. At the end try to find your own way, your own path which will never end. It will keep going. For me nothing can be bigger than my parents. A mother which keeps you 9 months in her stomach and maintains utmost character, integrity. What she expects from you is that you carry forward that legacy and maintain minimum level of character and integrity.

What I have learnt in life is that life is and will always remain a learning Process. With every day, your learning curve increases. But few things which I have made thrusts are –

  • Remain Calm, Cool and Confident.
  • Respecting others is the most important quality a person can learn.
  • Tricolor remains the most important color in life. For me, respecting tricolor doesn’t mean respecting 3 colors. It is respecting all human beings on earth and perhaps treating everyone in a amiable or equal way.

Dhiraj Warkhede

Remain Indian, Be Indian.  It is never “I” , It is always “WE