Inspirational Quotes and Life Learnings

  • Whenever something happens, it’s our mistake first and then the other person.

    To materialize your objectives, learn to dream first.

  • Today is his, tomorrow is yours. Everyday on earth is assigned to someone.

  • Strength, abilities makes us achieve our objectives in life, where as silence makes us withstand those difficult times.

  • Don’t dig a well for someone, one day you are going to fell into it.

  • Irrespective of where you reach in life, always remain at the bottom. No Fear of falling.

  • It is unrealistic change that you can get in an organisation and not the qualification that makes you a leader of Leaders.

  • For every action, there should be a reaction and that reaction should be in terms of your success.

  • Don’t fight be calm, cool and composed. Silence is second name of life.

  • Be quiet, your success is visible on the faces of your best friends.

  • Critics are your best friends, they are your opportunity creator.

  • The road which takes you to success is always a alone journey. It’s only once you reach the end, traffic starts coming up. Don’t leave your principles, always stick to them.

  • More you cry, more exciting it will be for other people. Grow and make other cry.

  • If Something can compete wealth then that it is humanity.

  • Talent and ability are god’s gift. You get them as soon as your born. But there is need to spot and groom them.

  • Judgement’s and character are interchangeable. What you think, do reflects your character.

  • The speed at which you dream should exactly match with the speed at which you change.

  • Media persons are in their own way soldiers. Without them don’t dream of democracy.

  • Respect your enemies. One day they will turn and will respect you. All are Humans with God’s given heart.

  • If you want someone to mentor you, then you choose to remain below him. Learn to Mentor yourself, so that one day you can Mentor other’s.

  • Respecting is a different game at all. Nothings work unless you are adamant.

  • Quietness tells your commitment, proves your ability and perhaps makes your future.

  • Authority shouldn’t mean Responsibility, it means getting other’s on the Authoritative position. Being more responsible.

  • Dream’t to have a BM but Nano gave me a laughing face.

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