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Reaching Success Point and There On

Many times we think that it is our end objective, that is the success point of our life. But remember success never ends. Greed, lust keeps growing and as a human being we keep starving for more and more things. Our desire to go for one after the other keeps increasing whether personally or professionally. But there will be time in every person’s life when he feels he is content. He has fulfilled all his present and future obligations. That’s the point will decide your future. It will decide whether you will trend up or down.


What every human being in life should learn and understand is that it is not where you reach in life, how successful you become, what matters is that if you can stand there. Can you digest what you have achieved. If you can stick to that success, your learning curve will always have a up word trend. Stardom and Success are difficult to achieve but maintaining that success is more difficult then achieving.

Everything has Pro’s and Con’s in life. Perhaps everything you do in life there will be Dr. and Cr. There is a accounting entry for life. Take from one side and pay from other side. When you grow irrespective by wealth or fame, there will be unwanted elements and those will be recurring. No one get’s anything always remember. What you do and how much you sweat that only you have till your end. Anything beyond that will never be your’s. Downfall’s are part and parcel of life but don’t get down. Stick to your base line and keep working. Don’t stop because either you or someone else has to move in life. Time will never stop. Don’t be opportunistic in life.


If you have achieved something take that achievement with pride but don’t go so high that when you look down you don’t understand anything. Be at the bottom, you will not have fear of falling. More you grow, more apprehension, fear you will start having. This apprehension, fear doesn’t comes from success but it comes from thinking of Over-Confidence. We tend to think ourselves above the people or environment which has given us a foundation for our success. Don’t go up, just be where you were before and try to there irrespective where you will be in the future.

Your growth or fall depends on you. In life, whatever you do, you will always analyse that there are always more negative things spoken then positive things. First learn to respect your hard work, then expect other’s. No matter how good you are, you can always be replaced. Talent exist everywhere. Can you hit that talent and get the best out of it at the right time. In short talent has to be perfectly placed in cricketing terms then only you can cross the boundary.


There will be rough patch in your journey. You will have to go through a path when crowd stands against you. Nothing works your way. Get your head down and learn to cross that bridge. Once crossed again new life starts. What I mean that there are always ups and down in life. If you don’t understand, just keep quiet. Don’t speak unless things have changed. To me that’s the best solution you can always have for such a situation. Such a phase in life, teaches you to withstand the realities of life. Don’t be negative in life. What you see of a other person is the plain reflection of mirror and in-depth  no one has seen.

There is no end to your growth. More you work hard, more you will grow. Growth, Changes are other names of life. And you keep experiencing them till you bid adieu to the world. But growing 10 ladders in your professional life are equal to growing only one step where you stand as a human being. If you grow as a Human Being, there will never be no room for greed, lust or materialistic things. Will end with a Suggestion, that when you are born you are born nude and when you die, you go without taking anything. Life starts and life ends at same point. Perception and Reality are two different sides of a coin. As soon as the coin starts turning, perception created turns to Reality.


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